Elkton Community Museum:

The Elkton Community Museum can be quite helpful to individuals trying to find out about their family's past
in that area of the county.  The museum houses a large collection of copies of The Elkton Record newspaper dating back to 1885.
Some issues are missing, but it is fairly complete.
The museum also has copies of the centennial book on the history of Elkton as well as St. Mary's Catholic Church. 
You can also look through many old photos dating back to the early 1900's.
Many artifacts from the bygone era such as clothing, dishes, farming tools, household appliances,
school supplies, military paraphernalia, even relics of South Dakota's great elephant hunt.
If you don't find information relating directly to your family, I'm sure you will have spent an interesting time looking at all the treasures.
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Elkton Community Museum
105 Elk St.
Elkton, SD