The White Museum
The White Museum contains the following items: 
Typed Listing of all deaths that appeared in the papers from 1891 – 1980.
Obituaries Index Cards:  Information on the cards is as follows: date of paper; name, date and place of birth; death and marriage dates; spouse; parent's names; names of children; sister's and brother’s names and place of burial.
From 1980 till the present I have the obituaries up to date on cards but I don't have a listing of the persons.
The White Area Historical Society operates the museum, log cabin and schoolhouse.
We have over 3,000 items in the museum, very few pictures.
In the schoolhouse we also have a few pictures mostly teachers, some class pictures of rural schools.
Not much information for research.
It is open during our local celebration, third weekend in July. Otherwise by appointment.  The Society has lost a lot
of members through death and moving and so they have discontinued monthly meetings and meet for the Annual Meeting in April.
Stored in the Deubrook Community Library: Bound White Chief, White Leader and Tri City Star Newspapers from 1891- 2005
The hours are the same as school 8 am to 5pm.  There is a Deubrook Community Librarian that will access you in getting the
bound newspapers for research as they are locked in a cabinet.
There is a copying machine located in the library to make copies