South Dakota State University Archives & Hilton M. Briggs Library Special Collections
Reprinted by permission of Dr. Stephen Van Buren, C.A., University Archivist/Special Collections Head.
The SDSU Library has many collections that may be helpful to your family history search. The hours are Monday – Friday 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm. 
Appointments may be scheduled to use the material at other times.  Please call ahead to verify hours if traveling from outside the Brookings area. 
You may e-mail request to: , call 605-688-5094 or fax at 605-688-6133.
University Archives:  This collection contains official and unofficial material from all aspects of the university.  It includes publications and records
from many campus departments, historical material documenting the early days of SDSU, historical records of many campus organizations, and a
complete run of the SDSU Jack Rabbit.  Ephemera and materials related to the university are welcomed.
Manuscript Collection:  The primary focus of this collection are papers of alumni and individuals related to SDSU.  Significant collections
include the papers of Rep. Ben Reifel, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Robert Karolevitz, and Bert Popowski.  The records of some South
Dakota organizations are also housed here, including the South Dakota Climatology Office, South Dakota Resources Coalition, South Dakota
Farm Bureau, and the South Dakota Farmers Union.
George & Evelyn Norby Collection:  This collection consists mainly of historical material about the Brookings, SD area.  Included are newspapers and
photographs of local interest, telephone directories, and area business promotional materials.
Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers:  This collection consists of more than 2000 linear feet of materials and over one Tb of digital objects.  The collection
includes correspondence and records, photographs, audiotapes, videotapes and other materials covering Daschle’s professional life.  The collection is
currently being processed and is not available for public use.
Rare Book Collection:  Books and serials are housed in the archives because of content, format, age, condition, or uniqueness, or are deemed too
precious for the library circulating collections.  Among these materials are rare books donated by Vera May Marghab, Windsor Straw and
Holger Bach, books published around 1900, and old fragile maps.
South Dakota Collection:  This collection highlights books about the state of South Dakota, by South Dakota authors, and state documents. 
Included is an extensive collection of county and city histories, maps and atlases.
Photographic Collection:  This collection includes many photographs from early SDSU, historical photographs from Brookings and South Dakota,
and a wide range of photographs from individual manuscript collections.
Audiovisual Collections:  This collection contains films, videos, and audio recordings in a number of different formats related to the university
and manuscript collections.  Significant materials include films from the South Dakota Farmers Union, and audio recordings of Rep. Ben Reifel.